Activities from Waghill Lodge- One of the best hotels/Lodges in Tanzania

We can offer the following activities for our clients that makes us one of the best hotels/lodges in Tanzania.


Lake Victoria hosts some of the biggest Nile Perch and Tilapia in the world. The largest Perch caught at the Lodge was 86kg. If you wish to do some serious fishing on the Lake, we offer fishing charters which includes soft drinks & water, fishing rods equipment, life jackets, sonar equipment and GPS.
Maximum of 6 fishermen. Maximum of 4 rods being used at one time. Deep diving lures are used for trawling for Nile Perch.

Forest Walks

Delve into the beauty of the wilderness of the protected forest, surrounding the Wag Hill Lodge & Spa.
Guests have the freedom to explore Wag Hill Lodge & Spa to observe the unique diversity of the indigenous fauna and flora, or can choose to take a guided walk with the resident guide.
The lodge provides a guided forest walk with the resident guide. The forest walks include hiking trips that are usually one and a half hour long that take you through the natural hills, rock formations and forest areas.
Visitors can get a glimpse of carefree wildlife, and observe animals in their natural habitats. Some of the wildlife surrounding the Wag Hill Lodge & Spa includes, Sykes monkeys, dessert rabbits, pythons, genet cats and variety of birds and reptiles including monitor lizard and crocodiles.

Bird Watching

Wag Hill Lodge & Spa is a paradise for bird lovers as the protected indigenous flora attracts many species of birds. There is an abundance of various kingfishers, egrets, ibises, cormorants, storks, bul buls, sunbirds, wagtails, shrikes, monarchs and the majestic territorial fish eagle to name a few.

Exploration Tours by Speed Boat

Speed boat tour is perhaps the most exciting way to explore the Lake Victoria and the surrounding fauna and flora amongst the expansive lands of the Wag Hill Lodge & Spa.
It is a completely different experience as the speed boat speeds through the waters of the mighty Lake Victoria, passing by the local fishermen in their traditional dhow boats, setting a net in the waters to catch a fish. It is also a great way to witness the various bird species that inhabit the lands surround the hotel premises from a distance.
The rolling landscapes and the rocky terrains of the Mwanza town add another wow-factor to the already mesmerizing natural beauty of the Lake.

Sunrise /Sunset Cruise by Speed Boat

The feel of Mwanza is in large part determined by its geographic attributes: its proximity to Lake Victoria, its rolling hills, and its huge, unusual rock formations, which earn its nickname Rock City.
To fully appreciate the beauty and serenity of Mwanza, take a sunset or sunrise boat ride on Lake Victoria.


For a bit of light exercise, take a leisurely paddle around the bay of Wag Hill on our double kayak or double canoe.

Excursion by local canoe

Mother Nature provides the gorgeous setting, and Wag Hill Lodge & Spa can provide everything else you need for a thoroughly enjoyable canoeing trip in the Lake Victoria. Whether you’re a river rookie or an outdoor expert, solo or in a group, our friendly, knowledgeable staff will make sure your experience is memorable.
The excursion takes visitors for a canoeing trip for around one and a half hours. The experience of rafting the boats, the traditional way adds a special thrill to the experience. Life jackets will be provided for all members. A single canoe can accommodate three people at one time.

Mountain bike trips

Unleash your adventurous side, and take the chance to cycle through some of the most unspoilt sceneries in Mwanza.
Bikers can choose from cycling through the forest surrounding the Wag Hill Lodge & Spa with a naturalist or can go up to the rural areas to witness the Swahili way of living first hand.
Helmets and other safety accessories will be provided with the bikes.

Boat Trip Saanane Island trip

Experience safe walking safari at the 16th National Park of Tanzania. Established as the first zoo in Tanzania in 1964, Saanane makes a wonderful, and an easily accessible destination for the people of Mwanza.
The park is the first ever national park to be located within a city and the smallest national park in East Africa.
The park hosts a number of mammals including Zebras, Impala, Rock Hyrax, Velvet Monkeys and Wild Cats. Reptiles like Monitor Lizards, Agama Lizard, Pancake and Leopard Tortoises and Snakes are also found dominantly.
Trips to the park can be arranged through a car, and lunch boxes and beverages can be provided on request.

Trip to Kageye Historical Site

About 40 kilometres North-East of Mwanza lies the village of Kayenze. Though in recent days Kayenze has turned into a calm fishing village, in the late nineteenth century the area used to be the most important port on the southern coast of Lake Victoria.
The only remembrance of those days is the historical site of Kageye, just outside the village. The site is owned by the Sukuma Museum but in appearance not comparable with the museum just outside of Mwanza. This site was once the stage of slave trade, until in 1878 missionaries put slavery to an end. The site consists of a meadow with trees and a mixture of monuments, graves and remains from different areas can be found, such as remains of one of the oldest Sukuma chiefdoms, Arab establishments, remains of slave markets and graves of missionaries and travellers.

Boat trip to Ukerewe Island Trip

Ukerewe is a big island situated north of Mwanza in the Lake. Some locals refer to it as ‘little Zanzibar’, and it is truly a place to relax and unwind and watch the beautiful nature. There are wonderful beaches, idyllic small villages, rock formations, jungle/forest, wide open spaces, and green, hilly landscape. Don’t expect tour packages, museums, beach volley tournaments and big hotel resorts. Also, the ‘capital city’ of the Island Nansio is worth a visit. If you haven’t gone to smaller cities or villages, Nansio will give you an impression of this. It has a nice market and you can get most things there. There are some guest houses.

Horse riding and Camel rides

The perfect place for animal lovers, and a fun activity for kids and adults alike, Wag Hill Lodge & Spa provides horse and camels rides for all.
Take picture with the animals, pose and enjoy a thrilling horse or camel ride across the lush green lawn before the reception area at a very nominal price.
With knowledgeable and enthusiastic guides and a wealth of experience, Wag Hill Lodge & Spa welcomes all levels of riders.

Evening Bonfire

As dusk falls, gather at the jetty with a sundowner and a roaring bonfire, overlooking, the Lake and experience the natural wonders as the African night lights up.

Dhow Cruise

Imagine the calm waters of the Lake Victoria, and the soft breeze touching your face, while admiring the beauty of the nature during the hours of sunset, when the sky is a shade of crimson. The thought itself is so relaxing that we can sit back and keep admiring the beauty of the nature in our minds. The good news is, while at Wag Hill Lodge, you do not need to just imagine the scenario, but you can witness it through our dhow cruise during the hours of sunset or sunrise. The cruise includes an hour of exploring the waters of Lake Victoria, with a stock full of soda and water. The dhow boats can accommodate up to 18 people comfortable.

Simba Rock

Legend has it that some 20 years ago, there used to be pack of four lions, who used to live in Mwanza, and were particularly found at a distinct rock formation, known as the Simba Rock, which happens to be very close to the Wag Hill Lodge. If you are up for some adventure you can access this spot through boat, or hike all the way to the spot. Although the lions are long gone, but the stories of their roars, reaching all the way to the Mwanza town are still very fresh.

Masai Boma

Take a glimpse into the authentic Maasai culture, by visiting a nearby Maasai village, at only a 20 minutes hike from the lodge.
The Maasai boma (traditional family dwelling) offers the visitors a memorable opportunity to experience the Maasai way of living through day trips. Guests can participate in a variety of unique cultural activities, and experience the Maasai way of living, with firsthand experience.

Picnic Spots

If you are up for some adventure, head over to a small picnic spot, at just a 25-minute hike from the lodge. The spot overlooks the beautiful Lake Victoria, nearby islands and rock formations – a sight that is perhaps not seen from any other place in Mwanza.
Breathe in the fresh air, and take in the spectacular scenery of the Mwanza city, as you come across the beautiful fauna and flora that surrounds the lodge.

Donkey Carts and Horse Carts

Horse and donkey carts are available for visitors for excursion purposes. The donkey and horse carts make a popular choice of excursion among small families. The rides are supervised by experienced guides, to ensure safety of the passengers.

Paintball Arena

No paint, no gain! If you are at the Wag Hill Lodge, and haven’t had a match of paintballing, you are certainly missing out on a bucket load of fun! Our recently created paintballing arena is the perfect spot to unwind, and release your everyday stress by pulling the trigger of our high quality paintball guns. The experience is made complete with proper clothing, and safety equipment, as the safety of our esteemed guests remain our utmost priority. The paintball arena can accommodate up to a group of 8 people at a time, and promise them a ball of a time.

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